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Pregnancy and Childbirth Preparation

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Early Pregnancy Essentials

Did you recently find out that you are pregnant? Are you asking yourself a thousand questions? “When is labor going to start?”, “Am I ever going to sleep again?”, “What if my baby is huge?, “Doctor or Midwife?”? Do you want to build confidence and learn to listen to you, your body, and your baby? Then this workshop is a great place to start!

Pregnancy and birth are powerful, transformative, and new experiences. This can make your options for navigating a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period overwhelming, often leaving you with more questions than answers.

In this Early Pregnancy Workshop you’ll learn how to build your birth dream team, how your body changes throughout pregnancy and birth, how to tune in and listen to you, and how to prepare for a healthy postpartum period. We'll also share tools and tips that will be useful throughout your pregnancy and labor.

Instructor: Katell Marmasse, Moonrise Doula

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Breastfeeding Essentials

This class is essential for all pregnant people and their support partner to attend!!

During this class we will take a deep dive into all things breastfeeding in order to learn the benefits to both the lactating parent and baby, common challenges and myths, and how to meet the family’s feeding goals. We look at the whole body of both the lactating parent and baby and the impacts on breastfeeding including gut health, oral anatomy, breast anatomy and hormones.

We also dive deep into both holistic and conventional breastfeeding tips and tricks as well as evidence based information to get everybody off to a well informed breastfeeding journey. This class is designed to equip parents with the knowledge and tools to have a happy and successful breastfeeding relationship with their baby.

At Belly Bliss, we believe it is important that partners attend and hear the information first hand as their support is invaluable to breastfeeding success. It is very helpful for partners to be in the class to help remember and understand how they can support the lactating parent and baby!

Instructor: Margaret Emmerich, IBCLC, Mile High Lactation

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Newborn Care Essentials

In this informative class we will share with you a wealth of knowledge to make sure you feel like your own expert!

Topics include:

  • What to expect physically from your newborn during the first weeks.
  • How to create a safe and secure sleep environment with swaddling.
  • Maximizing weight gain techniques.
  • Learn the why, how, and strategies for successful burping.
  • Trouble shooting the cause and ways to reduce gas.
  • How to change a diaper, types of stool, and how to care for umbilical cord, circumcision, and skin.
  • Best techniques to create a happy bath time.
  • Learn ways to soothe a crying baby and maximize your sleep and theirs.
  • How to recognize and treat colic, jaundice, dehydration, and reflux.

Instructor: Mandy Gonzales, Joy Birth Doula

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One Day Express Childbirth Education

Time is of the essence and there is a lot to do before baby arrives! This one day class is packed full of important information to help you feel prepared for labor and beyond. Taught by experienced childbirth educators and doulas, we make sure to cover what to expect through the stages of labor, labor comfort measures, and the valuable information you need to make decisions during labor that are best for you and your family. This one day class works well for busy parents-to-be who are unable to attend a weekly course.

Some of the benefits this Childbirth Class are:

  • Understand the normal changes that occur in the body throughout childbirth.
  • Become educated on the procedures and interventions that are common during labor and birth.
  • Learn basic support and comfort techniques for the laboring person.
  • Learn different pain management and comfort techniques including breathing and positioning.
  • Address fears and get answers to your questions.

The time spent in class will not only educate expecting parents and their support person, but it will also bring them closer, help them create a plan, and become more confident in their decisions while understanding each other’s roles.

Instructor: Kaylan Sharp and Kiera Davis, Baby Mama

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Childbirth Education Series - 3 Weeks

This childbirth education series provides you and your support partner with the evidence based information you need to feel prepared for the empowered birth experience you desire and deserve. The course will be taught by a certified childbirth educator and doula, and will cover positioning, breathing and comfort measures, along with the information you need to make decisions about what is best for you and your family. This course can help prepare expectant parents and their support person for the changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. Being prepared and having a plan for how you will approach this very important time can help you create a positive labor and birthing experience.

Some of the benefits of this Childbirth Class are:

  • Understand the changes that occur in the body throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum
  • Become informed on what to expect in labor and birth
  • Learn about the different labor interventions used and your options
  • Learn how to support and comfort the laboring parent
  • Learn different pain management and comfort techniques including breathing, massage, visualization, and positioning
  • Address fears and get answers to your questions
  • Create a birth preferences list using the information you have learned
  • Learn the basics of breastfeeding and postpartum care

The time spent in class will not only educate pregnant parents and their support person, it will also bring them closer, helping them become more connected and confident in their decisions while understanding each other’s roles. This valuable class covers a great deal of information and many of our parents connect with other parents to be, creating lasting friendships.

Instructor: Jen Eatherly, Birth To Beyond Doula

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Holistic Childbirth Preparation - 5 weeks

This course is designed to help you remove fear and anxiety about childbirth and to develop confidence in your body's unique ability to give birth. The emphasis of this course is placed on intuitive birthing and supporting the physiologic nature of birth. Our goal is for you to grow confident by gaining knowledge about: the process of birth, coping mechanisms and comfort measures to help you through birth, what options you have throughout the birth process, and informed decision making throughout your birth experience. With an evidence-based approach, this course will prepare you for a low/no intervention birth in any setting. However, we will also fully cover common interventions and pharmacologic pain relief options so that you feel prepared for however your birth unfolds.

You CAN have a beautiful and supported birth experience and we want to help you feel self-assured and empowered to have just that!!

Some of the things we cover in this course:

  • Normalizing the physiologic birth process for both the birthing person and their partners so that they feel comfortable and prepared and know what to expect.
  • Learning informed decision making on things that may come up towards the end of your pregnancy and through your birth experience.
  • Talking through your current feelings and views on birth and a focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of labor.
  • Ways to prepare your body and mind for birth.
  • A comprehensive study on the different stages of labor and what things to focus on in each phase so that you feel prepared and confident when your time comes. This knowledge will serve you so that you understand what is happening and are not surprised as you move through the different stages of labor.
  • How to work through the sensations that come with the different phases of labor.
  • Coping techniques, comfort measures, and position changes and why they are beneficial in different stages of labor.
  • An overview of different interventions that may be offered by your care provider through your process so that you can feel prepared if and when they do come up to make a decision about them that feels best for you and your birth.
  • Teaching your birth partner how to be an integral support person by learning to identify and respond to the birthing person’s needs and tools to help maintain an environment conducive to the unfolding of the birth process.
  • An overview of what the first few hours postpartum will look like wherever you give birth, what is beneficial during this time, and what options you have during this time.

This course takes place over 5 weeks. There will be a wealth of information provided, as well as time spent hands-on learning different laboring positions, comfort measures, and so much more. This is an inclusive offering and we welcome all birthing bodies and their support partner. We can't wait to have you with us in class!

Instructor: Lucina Rising Birthwork

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Meet The Doulas

Have you considered hiring a Birth Doula for your baby's arrival? Or a Postpartum Doula to help you navigate the 4th trimester and support you when you bring baby home? Are you curious what role a doula plays on your birth team? Join us for this free event to learn more about what a doula does, how they support you and your partner, and have your questions answered by our amazing doulas.

This event is hosted by The Belly Bliss Doula Group, a trusted source for birth and postpartum doula support. In addition to learning more about doula support, you'll have a chance to meet each of our amazing doulas and connect with the best fit for your family.

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Infant and Child CPR

This non-certification CPR course teaches lifesaving skills every parent should know. This course reviews both infant and child CPR as well as choking relief and AED use. Adult CPR is not the focus of this class, but we will discuss modifications for adults. We will learn important skills, but also have a lot of fun in the process!

This class is ideal for parents, expecting parents, grandparents, caregivers, or anyone interested in learning how to save a life! This class is not designed for those who need certification or a course completion card for employment.

Instructor: Dr. Laura Vanston, Inspire Pediatrics, is an experienced pediatric nurse practitioner, with a background in CPR training and acute and emergency pediatric care.

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Ask a Midwife Series: Pregnancy Expectations and Q&A

Are you at the beginning, or even part way, through your pregnancy experience and feeling in need of guidance on what’s ahead? Led by a local registered midwife, our series begins with a road map of pregnancy trimester by trimester, including areas of knowledge you’ll need to familiarize yourself with, questions to ask, and how to advocate for yourself. We'll conclude with a Q&A to guide you through your burning questions. Includes a trimester by trimester quick reference guide.

Instructor: Keri Zimmerman, Your Concierge Midwife

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Prenatal Nutrition Essentials

The world of nutrition is already a confusing one for many. When you factor in pregnancy it becomes even more so! While nutrition can seem overwhelming, it doesn't have to be.

This Prenatal Nutrition workshop is meant to help you navigate and sift through all of the nutrition information throughout every stage of pregnancy. We will discuss essential nutrients needed during pregnancy and the foods that are most beneficial to building a healthy baby, learn how to manage common pregnancy symptoms like nausea and constipation, address prenatal supplementation from a nutrition expert's point of view, safe exercise, and how to prepare nutritionally for Postpartum.

You will walk away feeling confident and ready to nourish you and your baby as you take on parenthood!

Instructor: Alyssa Cowdrey, MSACN

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Partner Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Prenatal Partner Yoga is the fun practice of exploring many different yoga postures done in physical contact with another person. Students experience a deeper sense of release and stretching through sharing weight and touch with their partners. This style of yoga practice helps you develop a strong feeling of connection with your baby and partner both on and off your mat. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Some of the benefits include:

  • An increase in body awareness and ability to breathe through the moment.
  • Helps increase confidence in birth partners and their ability to support the birthing mom.
  • Partner assists allow for deeper release and organization in yoga poses, allowing for more effective relief from common issues that arise in the pregnant body such as back pain, sciatica, leg cramps, leg swelling, acid reflux, exhaustion, stiff muscles, and/or insomnia.
  • Explores touch as a gateway of the focus to move away from the mind (where fear resides) and into embodied presence.
  • Releases oxytocin, which assists in shifting out of fight/flight mode and into the parasympathetic mode, thus increasing feelings of safety, relaxation, pleasure, and connection.
  • Brings awareness to multiple areas of the body at once, helping to diffuse mental tension and refresh the nervous system.
  • Allows for increased attention, insight, compassion, and gentle encouragement from the helping partner, which often allows the person performing the asana to feel safe to go deeper, gain new understanding on their alignment, or be able to experience subtle but key actions in the pose.
  • Creates a fun, expressive experience of unity and trust between partners, and creates a nurturing time and space to connect with your new baby.

Come learn techniques for breath awareness, massage, and partner poses, which can help strengthen and relax your body and soothe your mind during the process. This prenatal partner yoga workshop is for those pregnant and their partner/husband/friend during pregnancy.

Practicing yoga poses and breathing can greatly improve your physical, emotional and spiritual- being. When practiced with a loving partner you can both grow together creating deeper mutual care, trust and family bonding. This will help both of you with your pregnancy, the labor process and parenthood. We will do poses individually and as couples. This class will be taught at a level that will be comfortable for all participants.

Instructor: Andie Leonie Howard, RYT

Postpartum and Parenting

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Preparing For Postpartum

This postpartum workshop will ease your transition into life with your newborn, including ways to support your physical recovery such as padsicles, sitz baths, nipple and breast care, abdominal support and nutritional recommendations. We also discuss the importance of your emotional and mental well-being. This comprehensive class covers everything you need to know and answers questions you didn't know to ask. Our focus is on education and preparation so your focus can be healing, resting and loving your baby. It is intended that you take the class before your baby arrives, so that you can feel prepared for the fourth trimester!

Instructor: Kaylan Sharp and Kiera Davis, Baby Mama

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Newborn Music Class

In this workshop we work on supporting new parents in their transition to parenthood, welcoming infants from birth to four months of age.

Music & Relaxation - To help new parents reduce the common anxiety that comes with having a new baby and feeling overwhelmed/isolated.

Baby Massage - Partnered with original lullabies, parents will learn bonding techniques that can be continued at home as part of a bedtime routine with baby.

Group Singing - Helps improve mood and create a sense of community with other new parents.

Instrument Play and Movement - Gently stimulate baby through touch, sound, and eye contact.

Instructor: Elizabeth Luppino, Healing Notes Music Therapy

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Infant Massage Workshop

This 3 week series will teach you evidence-based nurturing touch with endless benefits for your baby's health. Infant massage has been shown to support digestion, circulation, neurodevelopment, sleep, and family bonding. This is a casual class where you will learn massage techniques and connect with other parents who may have the same questions and concerns about their babies and their journey through parenthood. Partners and other caregivers are encouraged to join!

Instructor: Dr. Courtney Weber and Annie Close, OWN Your Pelvic Health

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